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Archer Public Library Outreach Plan


Archer County is located in the U.S. state of Texas, and was formed in 1858 fromFannin County. It is part of the Wichita Falls, Texas, Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of 2005, the population estimate is 9,095, up from 8,854 in 2000. Archer is named forBranch Tanner Archer, a commissioner for the Republic of Texas. Archer City, the county seat, is 25 miles southwest of Wichita Falls and lies at the junction of State Highway 79 and State Highway 25. Archer City is well known due to its famous native son, Pulitzer Prize winning author, Larry McMurtry. Movies based on his novels, The Last Picture Show and Texasville, were filmed on the streets of Archer City.

Ranching and oil are two major industries in the area. Archer County is known as the “Short Grass Ranching Capital” of the nation because of the grass, which is short, has tremendous strength and nutritious qualities. It is also known for excellent hunting. The area is home to deer, dove, quail, turkey, and wild hogs.

Archer City is a popular place for book lovers. Booked Up and Three Dog Books are internationally known for their volumes of rare, fine, and scholarly books. Thanks to the restoration of The Royal Theater, made famous by the 1971 Oscar winning movie,The Last Picture Show, Archer City has become a center for performing arts. The theater features The Texasville Opry and numerous live stage productions throughout the year. Antiquing is another feature of Archer City. Tourist sites include the restored Texas Courthouse, the Archer County Museum, and The Royal Theater.

Historical, Current, and Future Roles

Historically the library has been the place to go for free and equal access to information and it has served as a gateway to information and a pre-school door to learning. Currently the library also is the place to go for lifelong learning, adult learning, current topics and titles, information assistance, public computer access, early childhood literacy and information literacy. It serves as a technology center and community meeting place. In addition, the library is the place people go to have copies made, faxes sent and perform print jobs. The county in the near future will not be increasing staff. Without additional staff, the library will not be adding other services or roles to its existing ones.

Existing Programs

The library has a number of existing programs. These include a summer reading program for children and teens; nursing home outreach; regular art displays; regular gaming programs for children and teens; exam proctoring; interlibrary loan; story time programs in Spanish and scrapbooking with library dies.

Identified Needs

The community as a whole needs more medium priced housing. Currently Archer City’s tax base is primarily residential. The community is a bedroom one with most people commuting to other towns to work. The lack of a business base creates funding difficulties for the library, the city and the county. With the exception of dairy farms, ranching and oil field work, the county as a whole lacks a diversified tax base. Archer City and surrounding communities need economic development to attact businesses to the area to alleviate the tax burden on individuals. The lack of a business tax base creates serious funding issues for the library. The librarian’s salary (including benefits) is paid by the county and the city provides free utilities, insurance on the building, and $100 a month for supplies, books, and cleaning services. No other funds are designated for the library from either the county or city.

Identified Assets

The following were identified as assets to the community: ranches, dairy farms, oil industry, Senior Service Centers (more than one in the county), Volunteer Fire Department (one for every community), Archer County Museum, Booked Up Bookstores, public swimming pool, Texas Health Department, rodeo grounds, wind turbines, American Legion, law enforcement, Archer Nursing Home, fish and game leases, tennis courts, private golf course, good school system, Archer County News, RV parks, Archer Thrift Shop, Archer County Extension Office, Royal Theater, and a number of antique shops.

The library has a number of assets. Time Warner provides the library with free cable TV and free high-speed Internet service. The library staff are: involved in community; have grant writing experience; good people skills; provide free and equal access to information; share knowledge and resources with others; encourage feedback; provide responsive service; are technology savvy; are committed to early literacy; promote life-long love of reading; provide career and workforce assistance; maintain confidentiality; communicate openly; have gaming experience; are professional, well-trained, friendly and helpful. The staff offer one one one tutoring and computer training when needed. The library has an experienced and enthusiastic director who in addition to the above qualities has good budgeting and fundraising skills and who is able to manage detailed projects. The library has established collaborative relationships with community partners with whom they partner to offer ESL programs and to promote early reading literacy.

A major asset of the library is the people who support the library through donations, memorials, and gifts.

Thank You Statement

The library would like to thank the Archer County Commissioners and the Archer City Council for their continuing support. The library would also like to thank the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation Royal C. (Bingo) Kinder Fund for their generosity through the years. They have given the library many gifts such as: shelving, computers, funding for the children’s area, and numerous other items. The library would like to thank the Archer Public Library supporters most especially the ABC Book Club.


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Summer reading program, Nursing home outreach, Regular art displays, Regular gaming programs, Exam proctoring, Interlibrary loan, Story time programs in Spanish


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