Contributed by Renee Mick, Library Director - Marfa Public Library

Hello Barbara,

I would like to give you an update on the Book and a Movie program created during our PEARL outreach project here in Marfa. As you know the program was written for a one-time event for children, with two summer programs for adults. However, a local non-profit, Ballroom Marfa, desired to partner with us for the adult program and it has morphed into a seasonal program with the Fall program coming up in just a couple of weeks, on November 27th. Ballroom is providing publicity for the event, which is a large part of program planning, so we're very pleased to have them involved with Book and a Movie!

Thanks so much for your assistance with this excellent program. It proved to be perfect for Marfa, a film-loving community!

"To Our Mentors and Associates of the PEARL Project and UNT,

Before the PEARL Project, I was comfortable sitting in my office, in my comfort zone, and running the library.  I had worked with Frances Recio, from the Muleshoe ISD Migrant Program.  That was the extent of this library‚Äôs outreach to the community.  One partnership. Since the PEARL Project started, I am working with WorkForce Solutions, Bailey County Extension Office, and Bailey County Aging Services.  We have made partnerships that I feel have enhanced our programs for our community. I so enjoyed TLA this year.  Getting to talk with other librarians and share things we do in common and learning things we should try in our libraries is a HUGE asset.  The sessions motivate us and get us fired up about our library and our community.

My first day back from the conference, I had a surprise visit.  The Youth Services Coordinator from Communities in Schools had heard I was great at working with people in our community to enhance programs for all ages.  She had received a grant that would enable her to work this summer on literacy.  She wanted to help with our Summer Reading Program!!!! This would have NEVER happened before PEARL.

I feel Muleshoe Area Public Library is a success story for the PEARL Project and I am so honored Muleshoe Area Public Library was chosen to be a part of this group.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  You have made my job so much more enjoyable and helped the library make partnerships with other community organizations to serve the population of our community."  Dyan Dunagan from Muleshoe Area Library